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Malware Threats Are Invisible to Existing Security Solutions

Find Them With CodeHunter

Uncover hidden malware buried deep in your environment, improve incident response, and streamline security operations with CodeHunter’s complete cloud-based malware hunting solution.
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Automated Threat Detection & Analysis

  • Leverage CodeHunter’s patented detection and analysis technology to examine files across your corporate network drives, devices, or cloud buckets, in minutes. 
  • Fully automate the reverse engineering process of unknown malware threats to improve response time.
  • Reduce false positives with more accurate analysis of suspicious files, so you know what’s truly a threat. 

Complete Advanced Malware Protection

  • Automate the identification of potentially dangerous files in minutes so you can find malware buried deep within your environment before it attacks. 
  • Get rapid detection and neutralization of threats, even during an active attack, enhancing your cybersecurity posture and reducing potential damage. 
  • Get a unified view of threats and automated response capabilities, reducing the dependency on manual efforts. 

Actionable Threat Intelligence

  • Empower security teams with instant malware analysis & threat intelligence for swift remediation and efficient incident response. 
  • Get actionable insights and risk analysis to remediate advanced malware threats and minimize business impact. 
  • Improve disaster recovery with detailed malware impact reports.   

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Learn how to:

  • Identify unknown & custom malware threats that are invisible to existing security solutions.
  • Get proactive insights to protect your systems and data before they are impacted by malware.  
  • Integrate with existing technologies for a unified view of threats & response capabilities.