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CodeHunter’s patented detection & analysis technology streamlines deep file analysis, automating static, dynamic, and binary analysis techniques to identify, analyze, and provide intelligence on the most advanced malware threats.
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Strengthening Defense-in-Depth With Automated Malware Detection & Analysis

Defense-in-Depth in Today’s Cyberthreat Landscape. The probability of falling victim to an advanced malware attack, including zero-day exploits, multi-part malware, and custom ...
CodeHunter Engineering Team

Malware-as-a-Service: A Top Threat to Organizations in 2024

What is Malware-as-a-Service? Malware-as-a-service (MaaS) poses a serious threat to enterprise organizations. MaaS functions much like any other software-as-a-service you may be ...

Elevating Malware Signature Creation to New Heights

In cybersecurity, malware signatures, comprised of specific byte patterns, file attributes, code sequences, and other characteristics, play a crucial role in identifying and ...
CodeHunter Engineering Team

The Revolutionary Impact of Zero-Day Malware Identification on the Industry: The Urgency of Addressing Malware Threats

The digital era has brought about remarkable advancements, but with these advancements come increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Among these threats, malware significantly ...
CodeHunter Engineering Team

If We Really Cared About the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage…

…We Wouldn’t Make Cybersecurity Jobs So Hard To Fill The cybersecurity industry is booming with job openings, but organizations don’t have the talent to fill them. Over a third of ...
CodeHunter Team

CodeHunter: Bridging The Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Don’t Let Cybercriminals Take the Lead The cybersecurity skills gap is a threat to both personal privacy and national security. For the past decade, demand for cybersecurity ...
CodeHunter Team

CodeHunter: Staying Ahead of Advanced Malware

Picking Up Where Current Cybersecurity Solutions Leave Off Decades after the first computer worm made its way onto the internet, cyberattacks have become increasingly complex. ...
CodeHunter Team

CodeHunter Launches New Enterprise Solution

Helping organizations solve tomorrow’s cybersecurity problems today The modern cyber threat landscape is terrifying, even for those of us who have lived in this environment for ...
CodeHunter Team

CodeHunter: Automating Cybersecurity

Tomorrow's cybersecurity today Inexperience is one of cybersecurity’s biggest problems. Globally, 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs remain unfilled due to a lack of available talent ...
CodeHunter Team