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Advanced Malware Threats are Invisible to Existing Security Solutions

Find Them With CodeHunter


Uncover hidden malware buried deep in your environment


Improve incident response and reduce vulnerabilities


Streamline and integrate your security operations


Security teams can’t keep up with the volume & complexity of threats


Existing solutions aren’t designed to detect unknown, zero-day malware


Threat analysis requires specialized analysts & takes weeks or months

With CodeHunter,Malware Can't Hide

  • Examine large volumes of files on networks and cloud repositories and get in-depth analysis in minutes. 
  • Identify zero-day and custom malware threats that are invisible to existing security measures. 
  • Automate the malware reverse engineering process to detect and analyze threats at the binary code level. 
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Find Security Vulnerabilities You Didn't Know You Had

Automatically identify, analyze, and get actionable intelligence on complex malware threats lurking inside and outside of your environment, just waiting to do damage.

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Learn how to:

  • Identify unknown & custom malware threats that are invisible to existing security solutions.
  • Get proactive insights to protect your systems and data before they are impacted by malware.  
  • Integrate with existing technologies for a unified view of threats & response capabilities.