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Industries We Protect

Advanced Cybersecurity Technology for Your Business

The threat landscape has no borders, and attackers have no boundaries. Organizations in any sector — from banks to federal agencies to hospitals — are potential targets. Stay secure with CodeHunter.
CodeHunter Protects Healthcare
Keep your patients and their data safe with our proactive cybersecurity solution.
CodeHunter Protects Finance
Don’t leave your digital vaults open. Today’s bank robbers work from home.
CodeHunter Protects Federal
Federal agencies need advanced malware detection & response to stay secure and compliant.
Protect the critical personal, financial, and academic data of students & staff from a breach.
Keep data protected & proactively detect security vulnerabilities in the solutions you deliver.
Ensure operational safety & reliability and protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats.

See CodeHunter in Action

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Learn how to:

  • Identify unknown & custom malware threats that are invisible to existing security solutions.
  • Get proactive insights to protect your systems and data before they are impacted by malware.  
  • Integrate with existing technologies for a unified view of threats & response capabilities.