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Advanced Malware Threats are Invisible to Existing Security Solutions.

Find them with CodeHunter

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Existing cybersecurity solutions do a good job at identifying known threats. But when it comes to advanced threats like zero-day exploits, multi-part malware, or custom attacks?

They can't find them. Why? Because they don't know what to look for. 

CodeHunter’s patented detection and analysis technology automates the identification of potentially dangerous files buried deep within corporate networks and cloud repositories and performs in-depth analysis of those files in minutes.

Get in touch with one of our malware hunting experts today and learn how CodeHunter helps you:

  • Identifiy threats that are invisible to existing security minutes, not months.
  • Automate the malware reverse engineering process to detect & analyze threats at the binary code level, where malware can't hide.
  • Get actionable threat intelligence for swift remediation & efficient incident response to minimize the impact of dangerous malware threats.
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