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CodeHunter Integration with SentinelOne Delivers Unparalleled Protection Against Malware Threats

CodeHunter has recently launched its integration with SentinelOne to provide customers with automated detection and analysis of advanced unknown malware threats. 

As the volume and complexity of malware continues to grow, security teams are overwhelmed with alert fatigue and increase false positives, leaving little time and resources to spend on complex threat detection and analysis. As threats evolve, organizations need solutions that have been built to keep up with emerging and advanced attacks.  

CodeHunter was purpose-built to close the gap in existing security measures, leveraging patented technology to detect, automate deep-file analysis, and deliver actionable threat intelligence of advanced threats like zero-day and polymorphic attacks. 

Combining SentinelOne’s endpoint protection capabilities with the CodeHunter platform’s advanced threat detection and analysis enables customers to streamline security operations, improve response time, and enhance threat protection against even the most complex malware threats at speed and at scale. 


The SentinelOne and CodeHunter integration enables automatic transmission of unknown malware threats that require advanced analysis. When malware threats are classified by SentinelOne as “malicious” or “suspicious”, the integration immediately sends these incidents to CodeHunter for instant, in-depth analysis. Unknown, zero-day, multi-part, and custom malware threats are analyzed at the binary-code level, and remediation intelligence is automatically generated. This eliminates the need for manual, time and resource intensive analysis and reverse engineering and provides the SOC with actionable insights to immediately secure the endpoint.  

Together, CodeHunter and SentinelOne enable security teams to automate advanced threat detection and analysis so they can keep up with the volume and sophistication of today’s threat landscape, focus on remediation, accelerate incident response, and reduce vulnerabilities.  

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