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Inexperience is one of cybersecurity’s biggest problems. Globally, 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs remain unfilled due to a lack of available talent and expertise. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that even entry-level cybersecurity positions require three or more years of experience.

Luckily, CodeHunter is helping to fix that problem.

CodeHunter Helps Bridge the Cybersecurity Skills Gap 

“The whole idea behind CodeHunter was to take a very complex manual process, simplify it, and automate it,” says CodeHunter CTO Chris O’Ferrell.

Companies can rely on CodeHunter’s automated cyber defense system to continually scan executable files and proactively detect threats.

CodeHunter goes one step further than existing cybersecurity tools that only scan for known malware by exposing malicious behaviors hidden inside otherwise innocent-looking executable files.

By automating this search for suspicious behavior, CodeHunter completes weeks’ worth of manual reverse engineering in mere hours. 

Give Your Cybersecurity Team a Jumpstart on Malware

Automated reverse engineering and code behavior analysis allows even entry-level cybersecurity professionals to quickly expose and analyze potential threats to their organizations’ systems, maintaining rigorous cybersecurity practices.

As CodeHunter CEO Larry Roshfeld says, “CodeHunter gives people the ability to rest easy knowing they've proactively protected themselves in the best possible way.”

Learn more about how CodeHunter can help your organization automate its malware detection and analysis process to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap.