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Helping organizations solve tomorrow’s cybersecurity problems today


The modern cyber threat landscape is terrifying, even for those of us who have lived in this environment for decades —especially for those of us who have lived in it for decades. State actors perpetrate global attacks against other governments. Critical infrastructure, such as hospitals and energy, are among their targets. And the work-from-home trend accelerated by the pandemic has only expanded the potential attack surface for cybercriminals large and small.

To address these increasingly severe cyber threats, CodeHunter has launched a new platform to hunt malicious code across the enterprise. Using a patented approach to behavior computation and binary analysis, CodeHunter automates the detection and analysis of dangerous code — and does it at scale.

CodeHunter: A New Enterprise-Grade Threat to Malware

CodeHunter picks up where existing cybersecurity solutions leave off, discovering vulnerabilities you didn’t know you had.

While today’s cybersecurity relies on signatures, sandboxing, or reverse engineering to determine if a specific file is malware, CodeHunter proactively detects and analyzes threats buried deep within your environment.

CodeHunter’s patented approach dramatically decreases the time to malware discovery and provides you with deep visibility across your entire enterprise. With our detailed analysis, your organization can protect itself from cybercriminals, narrow the cybersecurity skills gap, and automate what — until now — has been a slow manual process.


Apply for Access to CodeHunter

CodeHunter is currently available via our pilot program to a limited number of enterprises with existing cybersecurity infrastructure and staff.

Pilot program participants will have the opportunity to identify undiscovered malware and unknown vulnerabilities hidden deep in their networks. With access to groundbreaking technology, they will work closely with the CodeHunter team to shape the future of the cybersecurity industry.

Learn more about the Pilot Program and apply for access to CodeHunter.