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 The first malicious computer virus hit the PC world in the early ‘80s. The first commercial antivirus software for PCs launched a few years later — and the cybersecurity industry has been playing catch-up ever since.

We built CodeHunter to help break the endless cycle of cybersecurity racing to catch up to new threats — because it’s hard to lead if you’re constantly chasing someone else.

Building upon years of groundbreaking research, CodeHunter addresses a fundamental problem in cybersecurity: Software with unknown behavior poses unknown security risks. To put it more simply, if you don’t know what a software program can do, how can you possibly know if it’s safe? Faced with solving this problem, we built CodeHunter to do one seemingly simple thing: automate the discovery of potentially dangerous software, known or unknown. Not surprisingly, automating this process turned out not to be so simple — but you probably saw that coming.

Using advanced mathematics-based technology, CodeHunter automatically calculates all the behaviors a software program can exhibit, identifying any behaviors and code that are potentially dangerous. Designed to recognize the past — known malware — and the future — new, previously unknown types of attacks — CodeHunter fundamentally changes the stakes of cybersecurity. The good guys are no longer on the defensive; now, they’re one step ahead, using tomorrow’s technology to solve today’s problems.

With CodeHunter, organizations can now not only thoroughly investigate a suspicious file, but they can also automatically scan thousands of application files, ensuring that old executables, new executables, and even programs still under development are truly safe.

History teaches us that our greatest strengths often expose our greatest weaknesses. We live in a world enabled by technology — and, whether motivated by politics or profit, there are those who wake up every morning thinking about how to use technology not to help, but to harm. We built CodeHunter to automate and strengthen our defenses and to help protect our world from those who would seek to cause harm — today and in the future.