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Picking Up Where Current Cybersecurity Solutions Leave Off


Decades after the first computer worm made its way onto the internet, cyberattacks have become increasingly complex. People still fall for simple malicious file downloads and basic phishing scams. But cybercriminals are also executing complicated multiphase malware attacks that can blindside highly skilled cybersecurity professionals and take down huge targets.

To outpace and outsmart the ever-evolving world of cybercrime, organizations need a solution that can keep up with cybercriminals’ expanding arsenal of attacks. We need tomorrow’s technology today.

CodeHunter Uses Groundbreaking Methods to Take Down Complex Cyberattacks

We built CodeHunter because we recognized that the good guys need to evolve just as quickly as the bad guys. CodeHunter is built around the fundamental premise that we need to quickly recognize cyberattacks — even if they’ve never been seen before — so we can proactively protect people and organizations.

Learn how CodeHunter can arm your cybersecurity team with tools designed to actually defeat the bad guys.