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Don’t Let Cybercriminals Take the Lead


The cybersecurity skills gap is a threat to both personal privacy and national security.

For the past decade, demand for cybersecurity professionals has risen to an all-time high. Today, there are 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions worldwide — 600,000 in the US alone. And the gap is increasing.

CodeHunter can help you increase the effectiveness of your cybersecurity workforce, protecting us all from cybercriminals.

Cybersecurity Has Struggled to Keep Up with Modern Threats

Let’s face it: solutions that were developed two or three years ago aren’t able to detect today’s complex multiphase malware attacks. Instead, traditional cybersecurity practices focus on the signature of a piece of code or a system.

“We need to get beyond that,” says CodeHunter’s VP of Technology, Arion Lawrence.

Just as important as the malicious code itself, we need to examine the behavior of potentially dangerous code and develop solutions that are prepared to recognize new techniques and behaviors designed to evade detection.

Close the Gap With CodeHunter

CodeHunter offers tomorrow’s technology today, with an automated threat detection solution that can help you discover hidden malware at scale. By automating threat detection and analysis, your cybersecurity team can rapidly detect and analyze complex cyberattacks and even previously unknown malware, offering the best possible protection in the ever-evolving threat landscape.